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TG Sports is a team of only two - a very professional, badminton enthusiast and hard working couple - Maggie & Tony. We always endeavor to deliver the most professional advice, restringing and prompt deliveries with competitive prices to all our customers, which means we may not have the resources to respond to non-issue-related emails, as I'm afraid this will only delay our order processing times and response to other issues.
TG Sports 是只有兩人的團隊 - 非常專業的羽毛球愛好者和勤奮的夫婦 - Maggie 和 Tony。 我們一直努力為大家提供最專業的建議、穿線服務和及時交貨以及具有競爭力的價格.  這意味著我們可能沒有資源來回復與問題無關的電子郵件,因為恐怕這只會延遲我們的訂單處理時間以及對其他問題的回應。

We will really appreciate it if you ONLY call or email us if your order is overdue and beyond below indication times.
我們將非常感激, 大家請不要在訂單逾期且超出以下指示時致電或發送電郵給我們.

Please rest assured we are busy working away in the background!請放心,我們正忙著處理你的訂單!

Thank-you all for your understanding & patience.感謝大家的理解和耐心。

I have placed an ENQUIRY - when can I expect a reply?
We have a young family to raise, so please expect a response between our shop operatings hours of Tuesday-Thursday 9am-5:30pm, Friday 9am-7pmSaturday 9am-5pm - 1-2 WORKING days after you enquired.

We MAY respond outside of these hours, but we really appreciate you respecting our family time.

我已發出詢問 - 我什麼時候可以收到回复?

我們要撫養一個年輕的家庭,因此請預計詢問後 1-2 個工作日在我們營業時間內週二至週四 9am-5:30pm、週五 9am-7pm, 週六 9am-5pm 之間收到回复. 


Will I be notified when you receive my PAYMENT?
NO - please note that we will NOT send out payment confirmations.
We will get straight to processing your order when your payment clears!

不會 - 請注意,我們不會發送付款確認。

I have made an order - when can I expect it to be DISPATCHED?
Order and payment cleared                                                    DISPATCH

Tuesday before 9am                                                                  same day (Tuesday ) or the next day (Wednesday).
Wednesday before 9am                                                             same day (Wednesday) or the next day (Thursday)
Thursday before 9am                                                                 same day (Thursday) or the next day (Friday)
Friday before 9am                                                                      same day (Friday) or the Tuesday after.
Friday 9:01am onwards, Saturday, Sunday or Monday after      next Tuesday

As long as you have provided your INVOICE NUMBER on "THEIR REFERENCE" when doing a direct debit, we will start processing your order when your payment clears. We cannot see what you have put down under "MY reference" - this will delay processing time.

**Please note that we do not accept screenshots as a form of confirmation, we will process it when it is cleared with our bank.

我已經下了訂單 - 什麼時候可以發貨?

週二上午 9 點之前                                                  當日(週二)或次日(週三)。
週三上午 9 點之前                                                  當天(星期三)或次日(星期四)
週四上午 9 點之前                                                  當天(星期四)或次日(星期五)
週五上午 9 點之前                                                  同一天(星期五)或之後的星期二。
週五上午 9:01之後、週六、週日或下周一              之後的週二

只要您在進行直接付款時在 “THEIR REFERENCE/他們的參考”上提供了您的訂單號碼,付款結清後我們就會開始處理您下的訂單。 我們無法看到您在 “MY reference/我的參考” 下填寫的內容 - 這會延遲處理時間。


Once my order is dispatched - when can I expect DELIVERY?
North Island                                       1-2 days between Monday-Friday.
South Island                                       2-3 days between Monday-Friday
Rural area or other Islands                 extra 1-2 days between Monday-Friday.

TG Sports can promise a timely dispatch, but unfortunately, once it's dispatched, it is to a very certain extent beyond our control - as it is a third party making the delivery, not us personally.

However, shall there be any delays from the courier longer than above indications, please let us know immediately, and we will endeavour our best to follow up for you very promptly!

我的訂單發貨後 - 我什麼時候可以收到
北島                                 週一至週五內 1-2 天。
南島                                 週一至週五內2-3 天
農村地區或其他島嶼        週一至週五內額外 1-2 天。

TG Sports可以承諾及時發貨,但不幸的是,一旦發貨,在很大程度上是我們無法控制的. 因為是第三者進行送貨,而不是我們本人。

但是,如果快遞公司的延誤時間超過上述指示,請立即告知我們, 我們將盡力及時為您跟進!

TRACKING - where can I find it?
Once your parcel is scanned by the courier driver, this is automatically generate an email (you do not need to login to get this).

We cannot provide tracking while we are still processing your order.
Please check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder  - they have most likely end up there.

包裹跟踪 - 我在哪裡可以找到它?
當我們仍在處理您的訂單時,我們無法提供跟踪。請檢查您的垃圾或促銷廣告郵 - 一半的情況下,最有可能都會在那裡.

Will my order be delivered on weekends?
No - under normal circumstances, couriers will not deliver on the weekend.

Shall you need Saturday delivery, please contact us and we will confirm if that area has such service (not all areas offer Saturday deliveries).

Please note that this will incur additional charges as the courier company charges more for Saturday deliveries.

不會 - 正常情況下,快遞員不會在周末送貨。


Do you offer overnight deliveries for the South Island?
Shall you need overnight inter-island delivery, please contact us and we will confirm if that area has such service (not all areas offer inter-island overnight deliveries).
Please note that this will incur additional charges as the courier company charges more for inter-island overnight deliveries.

如需跨島隔夜送達,請聯繫我們,我們會確認該地區是否有此服務(並非所有地區都有島間隔夜遞送. 請注意,這將產生額外費用,因為快遞公司對島際隔夜遞送收取更高的費用。

If you encounter any problems beyond the above indicated timelines, please contact us immediately - we pride on providing the highest and most professional services, so we will endeavour our best to resolve any issues you may have!
如果您在上述期限之外遇到任何問題,請立即聯繫我們 - 我們希望為大家提供最優質以及最專業的服務,所以我們將盡力解決您遇到的問題!

All i can say is that this is the best badminton store so far in auckland with great discounts :)

— Jephunneh Malazarte —

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